Natural Adderall Alternatives


Many people are struggling with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder commonly abbreviated as ADHD. It has become a common illness that is affecting many. Not many people love taking drugs as a remedy for illness. There are those that prefer easier and natural remedies as compared to the contemporary medical drugs. The most common medication that has been used to treat ADHD over years is Adderall. Is there a natural adhd supplements that would work just as Adderall? And if there is, then what is it?

Adderall speeds up activity in the brain thus assisting those suffering from ADHD to think and operate in a faster manner. This is actually one of the most prescribed and safest brain medication that has been used and loved by many, though not all. That is why an alternative is important for those who wouldn’t want to take the pills. As much as some may prefer natural alternatives, they may not be fully effective as compared to medical drugs. This is because medical drugs are tried and tested in the lab to ensure effectiveness unlike some of the natural remedies. These natural remedies work best with the help of a lifestyle facelift, meaning that you should also change your lifestyle so that the response can be felt. Some of the negative things that may interfere with your recovery can be halted.

We can look at some of these remedies that can be a good replacement to Adderall. Some of them include the following:

Natural Adderall Alternatives

Energy pills that work like Adderall

Among the energy pills that are quite effective as the Adderall remedy and that are actually drugs like Adderall include the following:

  • Limidax – This is one of the most common brain boosters present in the market right now. Among its vital ingredients is caffeine which acts as an energy booster and also activates the brain. The pills therefore help an individual to fight fatigue and also gain concentration.
  • Adrafinil – This pill doesn’t necessarily cause hyperactivity but is a synthetic nootropic that improves attentiveness. It boosts brain activity in order to achieve concentration. Because it involves both concentration and memory, it is one of the best alternative pills to Adderall. That is why most people use it to stay awake and alert for a long period of time.
  • Phenibut – This is yet another good alternative to Adderall. These pills boost moods and lower stress so as to help the body operate in a smooth and coordinated manner.

 Adderall alternatives

Natural Adderall can be challenging to take in frequently because of the side effects that it may be causing. However, there are Adderall substitutes that can work quite well to ensure that your mind is functioning effectively and that you are active. We will look at some of these Adderall alternatives below:

  • Transcendental meditation – Meditation helps in reducing stress, hyperactivity and anxiety. This is the case because meditation helps in boosting brain activity thus making an individual more active. It also works to improve concentration through improving focus and learning memory. Therefore one can use this method as an alternative or substitute for Adderall.
  • Aerobic exercise – Exercise is yet another very important part of everyday life. In fact, there’s a lot of impact that exercise has on the human body apart from helping to cure diseases. It also helps in keeping the body nourished and refreshed. Aerobic exercise has been found to boost brain power in a couple number of ways. These exercises therefore help in boosting concentration of the brain thus reducing symptoms such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity. The logic behind this is that people with ADHD tend to have lots of energy and therefore this energy can be released through having frequent exercises. In the long run, this helps to reduce the effects of ADHD in the body.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine has been tested and proven to boost brain activity and give energy to the body. There are a wide range of products that contain caffeine in them. Some of these products are used on a regular basis by people who may not know the contents. Caffeine improves learning cycles and boosts brain energy thus it is advisable for people with ADHD to take in caffeine on a regular basis.
  • Zinc supplements – Zinc is an important mineral that is effective in reducing the symptoms of ADHD. It is therefore advisable to take in foods rich in zinc or rather just take zinc tablets. If your level of zinc in the body is low, this could be reason enough for you to experience ADHD symptoms. This just shows how vitally important Zinc is to the body.
  • Lifestyle changes – The way you live has a great impact on the diseases you can contract let alone ADHD. It has been proven that living a healthy life would actually help in reducing the symptoms of ADHD. Lifestyle changes may be difficult to make for many people but at times it’s the best sacrifice one can make for their well-being. Medication used to treat ADHD would work but it would still require you to change a few things about your life in order for the changes to be clearly evident. You can therefore get a lifestyle that works best for you and it will go a long way in helping you to recover from the effects of ADHD.

Natural Adderall Alternatives

The above are the alternatives to Adderall that would work as well. They have been proven to work effectively so that one can have an option of either using the pills or some other natural alternatives to Adderall.

Natural ADHD supplements

There are several natural ADHD supplements that can actually work to reduce the impacts and symptoms of ADHD. We can look at some of these supplements below and see how they work as a remedy for ADHD symptoms:

  • Fish oil – Fish oil is one of the best supplements for brain development. In fact, it is usually very advisable to take in fish oil supplements and foods rich in the same. The EPA/DHA in fish oil has proven to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and improve the learning cycle.
  • Multi mineral supplements – Natural mineral supplements have shown improvements in patients suffering from ADHD disorder. These natural mineral supplements include magnesium, zinc and calcium. They can be found in various meals and foodstuffs and can also be found in supplement tablets. These minerals play a big role in the nervous system and help to sustain patients with ADHD against dire effects and symptoms.
  • B-Complex – Children who have ADHD disorder are advised to take B complex supplements so as to counter the effects and symptoms of the disorder. Vitamin B6 in particular is very important in the well-functioning of the nervous system. It also helps to boost the brain performance thus making the patient more active.

Where to get Adderall

A lot of individuals may wonder where to get Adderall. Some may ask whether they can be gotten over the counter (OTC) or it is a condition that the doctor should write a prescription first. Where can I get Adderall? If you’ve asked yourself this question, then worry no more as there is enough answers to your question. First of all, Adderall is a very vital drug that is also quite available in the market easily. You can get over the counter Adderall just the same way you would be able to get any other medication like say painkillers. OTC Adderall can be convenient to many individuals even though it may be a bit risky without the right prescription. Again it is important to note that ADHD can be present in different levels for different people. There is mild ADHD and there also is the extreme ADHD which would now be more dangerous.

This therefore proves the importance of visiting a medical doctor first to gauge what level of ADHD that is in the body. This would now help you to decide or rather get advice of what dosage would be good for your case. This is important so that you avoid overdosing and/or taking less dosage. The right dosage for the particular level of ADHD that you are suffering from would work best rather than just guessing the level you think is right.

OTC drugs similar to Adderall

There are several drugs like Adderall. Some work just like it while some don’t. It is important to know the OTC drugs similar to Adderall so as to avoid making a mistake on which one would be effective. Again you should be careful to choose a legal Adderall alternative and not just any alternative. Some of the best OTC drugs similar to Adderall include the following:

  • NooCube – NooCube is a blend of nootropics that is actually very effective and can actually be termed as the best alternative to Adderall. It helps to support and enhance focus, mental speed and memory too. It is made up of vitamins, amino acids and other essential building blocks that are important for a healthy functioning brain. These features make Noocube the best nootropic brain supplement.
  • Pricetam – This is yet another OTC drug that is quite effective for ADHD patients. It is also found in the category of supplements known as nootropics. It works through the nervous system to aid functioning of the brain.

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